“Trade school” is what people think of when they start to consider technician jobs and careers in the skilled trades.

But trade school isn’t a completely accurate description of the education you need. To become employed in technician jobs or trade jobs, you might first enroll in one of Georgia’s technical colleges. If you do that, we offer the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

You could also learn in an apprenticeship, either through an industry association (in one of the skilled trades) or directly with an employer.

Trade Five also works with teachers and career counseling professionals to provide fast access to a number of industry organizations, online resources, and even a $500 grant– all to help students learn more about the skilled trades that interest them. Plus, any student can complete a quick registration form to receive summary info on the trades presented on this website.


Educators: Look here!

THIS is your essential resource in career counseling!

Teachers and career counseling pros: You’re in the right place if you’re seeking information to share with students who want rewarding career options that may not require a college degree.

Your students will benefit from taking a fresh look at the “skilled trades.” These hands-on occupations are changing – they still call for craftsmanship, but they also typically require students to learn computer software, device apps and other technologies.

We’ve compiled current info on 25 “careers without college” here – five trades in five industries across Georgia that need talented people, now and in the future.

But we know nothing’s better than true, hands-on learning.

That’s why the Trade Five foundation offers a $500 grant to educators wanting to take learning to the next level.

Apply here for the chance to have your students’ exploration of the skilled trades paid for. Whether it’s a field trip, a site tour, or a skilled trade related project – Trade Five wants you to have all the tools necessary for getting students excited and involved in these industries!



Encourage your students to complete a quick registration form, and we’ll send them summary info on any career that interests them. While you’re at it, apply for our $500 Trade Five Grant to get your students our of the classroom and into the skilled trades. For those careers that require courses in the Technical College System of Georgia, we offer an opportunity to apply for a Trade Five Scholarship. Here’s the application.


You can also visit – and share – the following websites, which provide more detailed information about each of the trades. These organizations want to close the skill gap, and their sites often have videos (or YouTube / Vimeo channels) that show skilled trade professionals in action.